Questions about TestRise Answered
By Analyn on April 10, 2018

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The last 7 days have been a whirlwind of activity. It was great to connect with developers and product managers from almost every imaginable vertical. There were a lot of questions that came up on Hacker News as well as in our product demos. I decided to write them all out in a post and send it to everyone.

  • How can you support an unlimited plan? The unlimited plan in it’s current form is going to be only offered to early adopters. Based on demand we may not be able to offer this plan as we scale our service offering to users past early adopters. The unlimited plan has a single threaded test structure that we have tested with our clients before we launched the web app version. We will be monitoring the usage of the application and be able to make adjustments as we get more data.
  • Do you have the relevant experience to run a company like TestRise? I started testing 10 years ago for a well known outsourcing company doing hardware testing. My first jobs were in testing networking devices. Eventually I moved on and focused more on the software quality assurance aspects. We ran complete test suites involving smoke and regression tests. I am familiar with all the major testing software tools. After all of these years of experience, I started to put into motion a dream I always had. Running my own business where I would provide testing to smaller companies which needed the service the most. That is how TestRise came into being.
  • How do you handle confidentiality of the software you get access to? TestRise does not subcontract or use external testers, which is the norm for many of our competitors. All of our testers are employed full time with us. They are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with TestRise in order to start working with us. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.
  • When are you going to make mobile testing available? This is a high priority for us. We are starting with the web to reduce the number of variables and get the business off on the right foot. After we have those cleared we will be introducing mobile testing. Our estimated time to begin this would be in the of May.
  • Can you create the test suites for us? Yes we can. This is a concierge service that we will offer customers in the future. However for the time being we will be happy to connect with you, learn about your products and write the necessary test suites. Once written all of you have to do is press the Run Test button and our testers will be able to execute them.

We are very excited to see you start running your first test on the system. For all the people who were on our early adopter list, watch out for my email. We are going to be slowly onboarding everyone onto the platform.

If at anytime you have a question about the service please email me at analyn (at) testrise (dot) com

Looking forward to working together!